Wednesday, February 2, 2011

hand-lettered envelopes

My best friend and I just rekindled the card-writing exchanges we used to do back in high school.  It's extra exciting for me now since I could do calligraphy to address my card.

I used an Esterbrook 761 flexible nib and a varying mix of blue and pink gouache to create different shades of purple as I wrote along.  For my address, I chose to stick with pastel pink. 

I secretly wish I had the power to turn back time to when I was doing the addressing for our wedding envelopes.  All I had was a felt-tip italic nib, which did the job, really.  But it missed the elegance of flowing ink.  Or maybe I'm just blaming my lack of script technique on the felt.  Or maybe there is something to silver vs. felt.  

Nonetheless, if you'd like to have hand-addressed wedding envelopes or any form of calligraphy for your wedding (or whatever event you may have), do drop me a mail.  We could chat, I could do a demo, show you the nibs.  I could do the same if you just wanted to learn as well.  

In the meantime, spread the Love.  Let's write, people.  It's pretty.

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