Monday, December 13, 2010

what can you do with your monogram?

So your wedding is done and you can't quite let go of your monogram.  It's something from your special day that you could potentially see or use everyday... unlike of course your wedding gown (although personally, I wish I could wear it again, for one insane reason or another). 

Well, here are a couple of pretty ideas from Etsy that you could do with your wedding logo to make the memories last a wee bit longer:

Make it a wall decal on your home.  from Luxeloft.

Love reading?  Make it a stick-on bookplate.  from Oodles of Color.

Make it your official notecard and return address sticker.  from Le Papier Studio.

Have it made into a self-inking return address stamp.  from Purple Lemon Designs.

Adorn your living room with them as throw pillow covers.  from Fancy 4 U.


  1. our monogram was designed by YOU!
    i love the pillow idea :)

  2. i want to do the stamp thing too!

    on a side note, it's really flattering to know that you guys love the monogram :)


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