Our Wedding

December 30, 2009; Nuestra Senora de Gracia.  We didn't want an overdone wedding.  In a sense that it didn't have any flashy gimiks.  It was just about the two of us, the celebration of our being together for the rest of our lives, and having people who matter in our lives witness that commitment.  We knew we wanted it to be classic, vintage and timeless, like how we still love shooting with film.  It has a natural and organic feel, and we wanted everyone to take part in the rawness of sunshine and happiness.  We held the reception at the Peninsula Manila, which was the absolute best when it comes to classic and loveliness.  Their Rigodon Ballroom was just breathless with all the morning sun streaming through the drapes.

It was an early morning ceremony (8:00 am to be exact) and I had to be up by 4am to get my make-up done.  I asked the genius that is Cathy Cantada to create a smokey eye fit for a morning wedding, and I totally love her and how she absolutely pulled that one off (and helped me pull it off, actually). 

My gown was designed by another genius by the name of Nikolai Hernandez (for Veluz). He understood my desire to be classic and yet fashion forward, and managed to create a glamorous gown that satisfied both. The classic-vintage part was the intricate lacework, and the quirky in me reflected by unfinished freshly scissored layers of tulle for my skirt. He even made a lovely transormation from the church where the bodice was topped of by asymetrical lace, to the reception which served as the grand entrance our furry feathery friend (the bolero).


It took me a while to convince him, but Chips finally agreed to wear printed socks.  Well, he didn't have much of a choice anyway (hehe).  It was a nice touch that tied the theme - gray, black and yellow argyle prints.  It was something cool - who says the groom couldn't get something quirky?

The sunshiney day was captured by the brilliant Nelwin Uy and filmed by the amazing team of JR Sebastian.  They were just an absolute joy to work with, and they absolutely got the tonality that we wanted for our wedding.  That kind of connection we find just priceless.  Because really, this day only happens once.  The magic that they were able to capture is a testament to their eye and passion for what they do.  To this day, we get that warm fuzzy feeling when we look at our photos and video.

Chips and Fozzy
Theme: Classic, Vintage and Elegant
Colors: muted gold and pewter

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