Friday, January 28, 2011

more calligraphy and gouache

I would have to admit that technology has been taking sort of a passenger's seat lately, in favor of my vintage flexible nibs (the set I previously blogged about).  I've been studying Copperplate script and flourishing, as an addition to the modern style that I used to do.  Though it seems that I'm mixing in some hints of Spencerian... more practice needed!

Below are writing samples using an Esterbrook 556 nib and a variation between blue and dark pink gouache.  I didn't have my poetic brain screwed on, so I just borrowed lyrics from James Morrison, Keane and some Alicia Keys (in a light coffee color mix).  

I cannot express how much I love writing.  And I do hope that people never forget the rawness of a hand-written note.  It has so much emotion within the lines, and I think it's what makes them extra pretty.

Spread the Love.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful handwriting! I love looking at and reading good lettering, though I can't do it myself. And gouache is a great medium all around.


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