How much would it cost me?
Inquiring is free! Just email me and we can evaluate based on what you need.

Basic price at the moment is Php 1,750.00 for a unique custom logo, but we can negotiate a package based on what you plan to do. The fee covers the entire development process, up to 2 revisions, and the high resolution files (jpeg and PDF).

If you'd request another version of the approved logo, like in a different color or with less elements, packaged price is Php 2,000.00. This would include the high resolution files of that second version

For further requests, we can arrive at a packaged fee. Let's negotiate!

What can I do with this logo?
You are the owner of the logo!  You can do anything!

You may do whatever you want and apply it wherever you'll need it after I turn over the files. Logoswithlove would appreciate however, if you could credit us for the work (should anyone ask).

Feel free to contact me anytime!
Add me on YM: dezphaire

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