How much is it? 20.00 Php per envelope

How long does it take?  It would really depend on how many you'd like me to write on, but on the average, 100 pcs would take 3-5 days.

Things to note:

  • Before turning over the list of names to me, please have them double or even triple-checked by both sets of parents.
  • Finalize and ensure correct titles or designations, especially if you have guests who are from the medical, military, or any other field that would require those important abbreviations.
  • Your printer would usually give you at least 10 extra envelopes to cover for addressing mistakes.  It would be appreciated if you would give at least 3 of them to the calligrapher in the event of casualties.
  • If you could give a paper swatch separately or in advance, that would be great.  It would give me the chance to mix the ink and test it before writing on the actual envelope.  
  • Set clear expectations in terms of style of writing and ink color.

What do I use to write?  I use Esterbrook and Birmingham nibs.  Depending on the ink color, I would mix gouache or fountain pen inks that I have from J. Herbin, Waterman, or Private Reserve.  For black I use Daler-Rowney Calli ink

Are there different styles of writing?  I love writing in a more contemporary, free hand, using flexible nibs.  For something more formal, I can also infuse a more Copperplate discipline (in a sense that there is a prescribed slant and uniformity for the letters).

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions!
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