Thursday, February 24, 2011

a different kind of blue

I made these mood boards to help a reader a few weeks back, and I think it would be nice to share.  They were going to have a December wedding, and were thinking of using blue as their main color because it was "winter" and all.  I have nothing against blue and silver as a combination because many weddings have used that palette for very elegant winter themes.  However, the many-ness of it makes me enjoy looking for refreshing new options.

She (reader) was undecided about her color palette and emailed me together with a monogram test request to make some recommendations.  Basing it from a key photo that had blue as the dominant tone, here are some blue alternative palettes you bride-to-be's might want to consider.

A cool, clean slate.

It's somewhat periwinkle, a deep grey-blue with a tinge of purple.  Add a punch of contrast with charcoal and ivory as your highlight hues.  The palette is very polished, and is versatile enough to go from minimalist-contemporary to ornate-victorian.

A sunny winter afternoon. 

The board is a warmer, more playful combination because of the dash of yellow mixed into the palette.  Making for teal and mustard as your key colors.  And a light, brown-grey to anchor the theme.  I could so imagine this as a garden or beach wedding, or even a chic set-up in a rustic ballroom.

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