Monday, September 6, 2010

S is for September

S is for the sweetness, the swirls and the soulful winds of our formal entry into the holiday season.  I was actually working on this monthly card while a storm was asserting itself outside.  The palette began as a mix of grays, blues and ecru.  But then again, it began to feel like a double-dreary interpretation of the moment.  For some reason, fate wasn't allowing me to be that depressed.  Staring at the monitor with penmouse in my hand, I was stumped.

And so I brewed a cup of coffee, sat back and took deep breaths.  My fingers decided to overhaul the theme with something dainty and feminine.  And in a matter of minutes, here it is.  The September card.

Spread the Love. 


  1. Very creative! (also I laughed out loud when reading your profile...I'M scared of butterflies too! haha...)


  2. hi bubbs! wow i fellow phobic of butterflies (and people say i'm weird).


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