Tuesday, December 28, 2010

pink gouache and a flexible nib

Months ago, I purchased 10 vintage nibs over at the Fountain Pen Network.  It came with a simple plastic nib holder, and this Christmas, my sister gave me this lovely wooden holder.  It even had this pretty marble-like paint of blue and green.  The slim wood rests well against the hand, and it feels so much better than plastic.  It is totally and undescribably thrilling!

I mixed up some pink gouache and brushed a good amount on the nib to start writing.  The nibs are not as smooth as my flexible fountain pens, and I really need to be careful not to puncture the paper.  Or let the paper get too wet that fibers come loose and snag onto the tip.  Which reminds me, perhaps I will need to find more suitable paper.

Nibs and holders are available from Scribe Writing Essentials.  The gouache I got from National Bookstore.  They have some in tubes and as well as in plates (ala watercolor).  Scribe also has calligraphy inks available.  There are also metallic inks that can be purchased as well from Fully Booked High Street.  Perhaps that would be my next project.

In the meantime, spread the Love.  Happy New Year!


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  2. Hi :)

    Just wanted to share that I finally got a real calligraphy pen from Scribe (Brause brand). I'm still practicing but I must say that I'm enjoying it a lot :) Thanks Fozzy - Karmi

  3. hello :)

    I just want to ask what brand of gouache did you use for this beautiful writing? <3



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