Wednesday, January 19, 2011

for a music themed wedding

While surfing for graphic inspiration on Abduzeedo I came across a feature on vintage music tags for their typography inspiration collection.  It brought me back to when I studied piano, and reminded me of how immensely romantic the sound of a classical instrument is. 

*lightbulb moment*  It would be perfect for a wedding!

I would suppose a lot of couples have music in common.  Or some form of hobby influenced by it.  And it made me wonder why I haven't seen a lot of weddings that would have music as a theme.  A lot having to do with photography, travel, pets.  Or maybe I haven't been looking so much.

Anyway, onto the music tags.  They are intended to be gift tags.  But looking at how organic and rustic sheet music is, it can cascade beautifully to whatever paperie there is on your wedding.  They are made out of vintage sheets cut to shape then glued onto both sides of reused paper.

To customize for your wedding I'd suggest to print your monogram or perhaps a thank you note and glue that on the other side instead.  Or make a separate tag and tie them together.  It's such a lovely conversation piece, and would work very well if you were planning on having a classic or vintage feel for your wedding.

I'm so in love with the idea that I googled more pretty things related to sheet music.  Hope you are as well inspired by the loveliness.

from Living with Lindsay.

from The Bride's Cafe.

tutorial from Once Wed.

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