Friday, August 27, 2010

w@w and our new email

I'm excited to say that you'll find our logoswithlove ad within the next Weddings at Work Primer!  It's actually great to be part of such a wonderful network.  Having been a "wawie" myself, I'd want to pay homage to all the help and warmth my fellow bride-to-be's gave.  It's an overwhelming sea of support, especially during the inevitable stresses of wedding planning.

The network also served as a great launching point for this passion of mine - logo design and illustration.  LogoswithLove wouldn't have been born without it!  So cheers to Ma'am Benz, for allowing such a world of friendship to be created and grow.  And to all the bride-to-be's out there, don't forget to breathe!

On another note, I've created a new email address for LogoswithLove orders and inquiries.  Yey!  To ensure that service is provided timely and requests are received without risk of getting mushed up in my personal emails.  Payment scheme remains to be via bank deposit.  All negotiations will have to be initiated via the email above. 

That's all for now.  Share the love!

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